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At Your Story Agency, we don’t just make videos; we craft visual experiences that resonate with your audience and drive results. Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, increase sales, or simply tell your brand’s story in a captivating way, our video marketing and production consulting is your gateway to impactful results.

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Audience Insights & Market Analysis

  • Deep Dive into Demographics: We utilize advanced analytics and market research methods to understand who your audience is, what they care about, and how they consume content. This insight forms the backbone of all strategic video planning.
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping: Stand out in your industry by knowing not just what your competitors are up to, but how you can do it better and differently with video.
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Video Content Strategy Development

  • Blueprint for Success: Align your business goals with viewer expectations through a meticulously crafted video content strategy. From conceptualization to distribution, every step is designed to maximize engagement and conversions.
  • Content Type Planning: We identify the best types of videos for your objectives, whether that’s explainer videos, testimonials, live streams, or something entirely unique.
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Hands-On Production Guidance

  • Quality Control: Our experts guide your video production process, ensuring top-tier quality in all aspects, from scripting to filming to editing.
  • Resource Allocation: Maximize your budget and resources with our advice on the best equipment, software, and production techniques that make a palpable difference without breaking the bank.
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Performance Tracking and Analytics

  • Measure What Matters: We set up robust tracking mechanisms to monitor key performance indicators such as viewer engagement, click-through rates, and conversion to understand the effectiveness of each video.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Video marketing isn’t set-it-and-forget-it. Based on analytics, we help you refine and tweak your videos and strategy for continued success.
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Creative Development & Ideation

  • Think Tank Sessions: Brainstorm with our creative professionals who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. From storyboarding to creative direction, we infuse your videos with creativity that captivates.
  • Scriptwriting and Storytelling: We craft compelling narratives that not only tell your story but resonate deeply with your audience, encouraging engagement and action.
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Technical Consulting and Support

  • Technical Expertise on Demand: Encounter an obstacle? Our technical consultants are on hand to troubleshoot and provide solutions whether it’s during shooting, editing, or post-production.
  • Software and Tools Advisory: Navigate the vast landscape of digital tools with our expert recommendations tailored to your specific production needs.

Our Unrivaled Video Consulting Process

1. Finding Your Core Message

It starts with the ‘why’. Why does your brand matter? Why should anyone care? We dig deep — past the fluff and surface-level buzzwords — to unearth the true essence of your brand. This isn’t about making assumptions; it’s about uncovering data-driven insights that define the heartbeat of your communications.

2. Strategy Over Guesswork

With your core message in hand, we concoct a strategy that shouts, not whispers. Our bespoke video plans are the antithesis of cookie-cutter solutions. Think of this as your roadmap in the chaotic world of content—crafted from research, audience understanding, and a hefty dose of creative intelligence.

3. Creation and Calibration

Here’s where we bring the visions to life. Every frame, every cut is purpose-driven — tailored to stir emotion and spur action. But crafting your masterpiece is only half the battle. We rigorously analyze and calibrate, ensuring every element aligns seamlessly with your strategy and screams quality.

4. Deployment Done Right

Shoving your video out into the world without a plan? A rookie move. We help you deploy with the precision of a marksman. Where does your video go? Who sees it? When? We’ve got it down to a science. This is targeted distribution that ensures your video finds its mark.

5. Measure, Tweak, Repeat

Launching your video isn’t the end of your story; it’s just the beginning. We stay glued to the analytics, breaking down what’s hot and what’s not. Continuous adjustments based on actual performance data mean your content stays relevant and continues to perform over time.

Why Partner with Video Your Story Agency

Right now, you’re swamped with choices. The market is flooded with ‘experts’ who promise you the moon, deliver something barely skimming the treetops, and call it ‘stratospheric success.’ So, why bet on us at Your Story Agency? Because we deliver videography that’s more than visually beautiful—it’s strategically unstoppable.

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Genuine Understanding

We kick off by getting a real, underlying grasp of who you are. Your story isn’t just another case file to us. Our philosophy? Deeply understand our clients, or don’t do the job at all. Through our in-depth initial discussions, we imbibe your mission and translate that into video content that resonates.

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Tailored Strategies, Not Guesswork

Forget the spray-and-pray approach other agencies use. Your business deserves better. We craft a targeted video strategy that aligns seamlessly with your specific business objectives. Each video is a calculated move in your broader marketing gameplay.

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Painstaking Craftsmanship

Here’s where our borderline obsession with quality comes into play. From the first storyboard sketch to the final color correction, every step undergoes meticulous scrutiny. Our team’s craftsmanship ensures that every corner of your video is polished to perfection.

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Result-Oriented Approach

What’s creativity without conversion? We don’t create art for art’s sake—every project is a growth engine, designed to drive measurable outcomes. Through strategic planning, compelling storytelling, and advanced analytics, we ensure your investment pays off.

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Adaptable and Agile

The digital landscape waits for no one. Your Story Agency’s approach is always one step ahead, rapidly adapting to new technologies and market trends. This agility ensures your video content is not only relevant today but poised to perform tomorrow.

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Transparent Communication

Say goodbye to being kept in the dark. We believe in transparency, giving you insider visibility at every stage of the process. Our regular updates and open channels keep you confident and informed — because mystery belongs in novels, not client partnerships.


We pride ourselves on offering full service video marketing solutions that help our clients succeed.


Jason Sarai

Style by Sarai
“It's their insatiable hunger for knowledge to continue to grow and thrive in their space, that continues to push myself and our company.”

Ty Corsie

David & Ty Homes Group
“Working with Your Story, my business doubled the first year and tripled the year after that and I truly correlate that to video and film.”

Kevin Gordon

The Driven Project
“Nothing shows the raw emotion, the sentiment, the experience, the impact of what we're creating then this video does.”

Frank Brams

Franklin Enclosures
“We wouldn't be where we are today if they weren't involved in our business.”

Terry Fay & Kian Ghanei

Director, Caerus Private Wealth
“We just connected well, it was clear that you guys took the initiative to understand and hear what we were all about. That initial meeting was very telling for us.”

Dan Crothers

VeVe Digital Collectibles
“You have to remember these companies like Marvel, Disney – they are used to the highest quality production. To be able to get content like this through their approval process – they have always been very happy with the result.”
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What Sets Your Story Agency Apart From Other Video Production Companies?

We understand that choosing the right video production company can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Here’s the scoop: At Your Story Agency, we’re about crafting stories that aren’t just watched, but remembered. Unlike others who may focus purely on aesthetics, our videos are strategically designed to drive your business goals, anchored by deep market insights and a keen understanding of consumer psychology.

How Much Does Video Production Cost at Your Story Agency?

We wish there was a one-size-fits-all answer, but effective video production isn’t cookie-cutter. Costs can vary based on the project’s scope, duration, and specific needs. However, rather than surprise you with numbers here, we invite you to discuss your vision with us. Once we have an understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll tailor a detailed quote that matches your budget and goals.

How Long Does It Take to Produce a Video?

Time is money, and we respect both. The duration of the video production process can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the length of the video, and specific client needs. Typically, a project can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring the final product exceeds your expectations.

Can You Handle Video Distribution and Marketing?

Absolutely! Producing your video is just half the battle. Our team also specializes in video marketing, ensuring that your content reaches your target audience effectively. We handle distribution across various platforms, from social media to digital ads, tailored to your specific marketing strategy and goals.

What Types of Videos Can Your Story Agency Produce?

We’re versatile storytellers. From corporate explainers and animated features to emotional customer testimonials and high-energy social media clips, we craft a wide range of video types. Each video is custom-made to communicate your message effectively and fit seamlessly with your broader marketing efforts.

Do I Need to Be Involved in the Production Process?

Your involvement depends on your interest and availability. Some clients love to be hands-on, while others prefer to review only the major milestones. Either way, we ensure a clear and open line of communication throughout the production process. We welcome your input and feedback, as it’s crucial to crafting a video that truly represents your brand.

What if I’m Not Satisfied with the Final Video?

Your satisfaction is paramount. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and make revisions to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Our process includes strategic project checkpoints for your feedback and approval, ensuring we’re aligned at every step of the journey.

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