Video Production Services

Our Video Production Services Include

A comprehensive video production process to increase engagement, develop trust, and deliver value.

Video Marketing Strategy

The foundation for any successful video and an integral part of your business.

Video Deployment

Proven strategies to optimize your videos and generate results.

Video Production

Results-driven video production. Full service from pre to post production.



A range of professional photography services.

Video Editing

High quality video content cut by our experienced post-production team.

Online Training

Learn how to plan, produce, and distribute your content.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing process is all about reverse engineering the messaging behind your business. This is why our first step involves a clear and concise roadmap of who is going to watch this video and when. We take you through a process we’ve developed for outlining your ideal customer profile and translate that into our story-based production process.

Our proprietary framework for video marketing “The YSA Model”, breaks down the science behind engaging video content for businesses. This is the “secret sauce” to results-driven video that achieves your desired objectives, every time. So what are the three components that make up the “YSA Model”?

1. Video

The delivery. You can deliver content in multiple different ways, video is arguably the best way. The stats back it up.

2. Educating

The content. What is going inside of the video to bring results. If it’s not educational it’s not moving the person further down the stages of awareness in your marketing funnel.

3. Storytelling

The presentation. If you don’t present it in a way that is telling a story, you’re going to lack a strong relationship with the viewer as well as the recollection of the information conveyed.

If any of these components are missing, the idea behind results-driven content goes away. You’ll lack the construction of a strong relationship, you’ll have unsustainable delivery of your content, and your viewers won’t be motivated to take action.

video production strategy

In our paid strategy consultations, we will diagnose your business from the ground up – building a framework for your marketing strategy and breaking down core video assets in your sales funnel that will help nurture and qualify prospects toward a sale.

The “YSA Model” will unlock demographics that were previously inaccessible to you or people that were uninterested in your products or services, using the power of education-based marketing. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Video Production

Simplified, the video production process consists of strategy, pre-production, production, and post-production.

In our strategy consultations, we develop an action plan for your business using our proprietary framework the YSA Model.

Pre-production involves the first action steps after your framework has been created. Video assets in and of themselves require their own “creative strategy” to tell the most effective story, and clearly convey complex ideas in a visual format before shoot day.

Pre-production involves the following components:

1. C.E.R (Context, Emotion, Relevance)

2. Script

3. Storyboard

4. Shotlist

5. Scheduling

Production is a breeze. With the strategy and pre-production signed off on and thoroughly reviewed, our production crew will step in and take over to bring your video to life. Consisting of cinematographers, directors, producers, lighting and gear technicians, project managers, and more – our crew is well equipped to bring your project to life.

Finally, post-production involves the final accumulation of your footage in our editing software.

Post-production involves the following:

1. Organization and Clip Selection

Where we sort through all of the assets we captured on our production days to find the best takes.

2. Music, voiceover, and cutting

Where we mix the music and audio and cut the raw assets to a working model that achieves desired objectives laid out in strategy.

3. Color correction, VFX, and revision

Where we bring your footage to life with our creative color grading processes, add any motion design or virtual overlays and finally – revise your project to completion.

Video Editing

Although a part of our production process, video editing is also offered as a stand-alone service in certain cases. Often an extension of your team, we’ll work with you on a monthly basis to churn out high quality video content cut by our experienced post-production team.

Video Deployment

The strategy laid out in our initial strategy consultations is inclusive of video deployment, meaning the intended distribution of your videos will have been chatted about prior to the commencement of production.

Whether your assets are distributed via a FB ad campaign, YT pre-roll, playing on TV, or being shown at a live in-person conference – they will be reverse engineered for that specific platform to achieve the desired result.

We offer guidance on distribution and an array of insight and knowledge as well as little known or utilized hacks on video distribution that can help you achieve the best ROI for your investment into video marketing.


Often offered as a bolt on service to our video production packages (but not always), we offer a range of professional photography services as well.

From lifestyle photography, corporate headshots, product photos, behind the scenes, and much more – we can take care of your next big billboard marketing campaign, or your next instagram post and everything in between.

Our in-house photographers have over a decade of experience, you’re in good hands.

Access the “Photography” tab on our work page for insight into some of our work.

Video Production Online Training

Because video itself is the most effective medium to communicate, as well as the most cost effective way for us to distribute information to you – we’ve gone ahead and produced our own series of digital products that help you take your video marketing to the next level.

From strategy, to pre-production, to production, and editing – in our online video marketing training we’ll teach you step by step how to stand out from the crowd and succeed with your video marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company looking for guidance on your next big marketing campaign, or a local service based business wanting to set up your own in-house content production studio – our online training can help you thrive in your marketplace.

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