Simple & Cheap Lighting Techniques For Your Videos

April 30, 2020

Are you confused or frustrated producing in-house video content for your business?

When most people first get into video production it can be very overwhelming often resulting in procrastination and the “I’ll do it tomorrow mentality.”

Producing high quality content at an affordable price doesn’t have to be a hard task.

In this video and blog post our objective is to provide you with a simple lighting kit and lighting technique that will drastically improve the look and feel of your videos.

Simple Lighting Kit ($150 CAD)

If you’ve ever looked into video equipment you know first hand how much equipment there is to choose from.

Most people get overwhelmed, and for valid reason. Lights, stands, diffusers, reflectors, it’s easy to put it off until tomorrow.

In our years of experience working through various workflows and types of gear, we know what gets the job done and what is “just nice to have”.

It turns out you don’t need a $5,000 lighting setup just to make your videos look more professional.

After our research and testing, we found that you can actually get away with as cheap as $150 for a lighting kit that maintains high quality.

If you check out the link below, you will gain access to the kit which you can easily order off of Amazon:

It comes with the following items:

A key light, which is the main light you will use to light your subject.

A light dome for your key light, which will diffuse the light and provide a higher quality result.

And a rim light, which has dimmable brightness control and will be placed behind your subject.

You don’t need a lot of gear to get started professionally lighting your videos, but you still need to know how to use them.

How to Position Your Equipment for the Best Results

The first thing you need to do is decide on where you are going to be shooting your video.

Once you’ve decided on a location, decide where you are going to be sitting and what you want in the background of your shot.

For typical talking head style videos it’s generally a good idea to leave quite a bit of space in the background of your space for that “blurred out” background.

This keeps the focus on your subject and away from distracting items in the background of your frame.

Now once you know where your subject is going to be seated, grab your key light and plug it into the wall. If you bought the kit provided, screw your bulb into the light dome.

Position your key light at a 45 degree angle next to your subject. Get the light as close as possible, which depending on which lens you are shooting with is “just out of frame”.

The closer the light is to your subject the better.

Raise the light stand as well until you can shine the light down at a 45 degree angle on your subject’s face, this will provide the best results for most shooting situations.

Next, set up your rim light in the background of your shot. The best location to place it if your subject will be speaking directly to the camera and is seated in the center of the frame is right off to the right or left-hand side of the frame just off-camera.

This will light up your subject from behind and help them “pop” from the background.

Mess around with the lights until you are happy with the look of the shot and the framing of your subject.


Those are the basics of how to set up and position this budget light kit to achieve the best results! If you want to learn more about how to improve the quality of your videos, visit our YouTube channel and leave some feedback or ideas in the comments for new videos that you’d like to see!

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