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Colin started his career as a filmmaker in his childhood years, obsessing over his dad’s old film cameras. After running a wedding videography and photography business and working solo for many years, it was time to settle into a lifetime creation in Your Story Agency. Driven by a mission to help businesses reach their customers through storytelling, Colin is best known for his creative talent and authenticity. His relentless obsession to mold his creative ideas into reality leads to the continual improvement of our work over time. Colin Marshall is the Creative Director of YSA, you’ll see him at nearly every stage of the creative process ensuring your story is told in the best possible light.

It’s unbelievably rewarding to do work that you know helps someone and makes an impact. That’s why I love this business. Every project, every story – it’s an opportunity to make a positive change in the world.”

Colin Marshall

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We are a results-driven video production company in Canada helping businesses improve their marketing and communications. Our offices are conveniently located in Vancouver and Toronto and serve all of Canada and the United States.

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