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Braeden Fairbridge’s interest in the creative industry was sparked back in 2014 when he first picked up a camera and started taking photos. Not feeling fulfilled in another career path, and connecting with Colin, who had been filming since he was a kid, led to a natural connection and the birth of Your Story Agency in Vancouver in 2016. Over the years Braeden has connected with executives, marketing directors, and founders of multinational corporations and led YSA into one of the top video production companies in Canada, while also establishing himself as a respected expert in the industry. Currently operating as the Producer, Braeden is widely known for his warm personality, deep care for clients, and close attention to detail in bringing creative visions to life.

“We’re not just coming in to shoot a video for you. We’re figuring out exactly what the video is meant to do, what emotion it’s going to evoke, and how we can tell a story that’s going to drive meaningful results.

Braeden Fairbridge

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We are a results-driven video production company in Canada helping businesses improve their marketing and communications. Our offices are conveniently located in Vancouver and Toronto and serve all of Canada and the United States.

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