why is video production important

Why is Video Production Important?

Understanding why video production is important starts with looking at what problems it solves. While every industry is different, there are a few common goals most companies share.

  1. Automation. Automating systems and processes to save time in day to day operations.

  2. Sales/Lead Generation. To increase sales and bring in high quality, qualified leads in the most efficient and effective way.

  3. Communication. Improving the communication of products and services to customers.

When we ask business what their top priorities are, 9 out of 10 times the answer includes some form of the above.

By using the stages of video production as a framework you’ll be able to benefit from all video has to offer.

The Impact Of Video Production Done Right

Some of the benefits of video production include:

1. Saving Time

  • Clone and deliver your message with consistency.
  • Save valuable time.
  • Allocate your time to the areas that matter most.
  • A single video can save hundreds of hours when used effectively.

Example: A wealth management company needed help communicating better in the early stages of building a relationships with their clients.  Cold prospects quickly became warm without the need for 1 on 1 conversations via phone or in-person meetings.

2. Boosting Sales, Conversions & Retention

  • Streamline your sales process.
  • Educate your potential customers on autopilot.
  • Nurture cold leads and convert them to warm leads.
  • Guide your potential customer to a desired call to action.
  • Experience an increase in decision making.
    Increase in sales.
  • Higher engagement with online pages that are generating traffic.
  • Increased conversion rates on landing pages with a call to action.
  • Less objections throughout the sales cycle.
  • 95% retention of a message opposed to 10% through text and images.
  • Increased share-ability of your message with the most accurate details.
  • Organic growth and conversation becomes widespread.

Example: A local painting company asked us to create a video that would help them land more projects. We built them a virtual sales person that’s been working for them 24/7 ever since. Watch the video below or see the entire case study here.

3. Building Trust & Credibility

  • Trust is built in the subconscious mind of the viewer.
  • Less hesitancy from customers when closing the deal.
  • Get buy-in to your statements and solutions.
  • Stand out and make an impression in the marketplace.
  • Front of mind for those who are shopping around.
  • Increase your value, quality, and worth in the minds of your customers.

Example: As a global publicly traded mining company, Fortuna Silver Mines needed an active and engaging presence across digital channels to reach its audience in the retail investor market. Watch the video below or see the entire case study here.

4. Building Relationships & Connection

  • A new level of connection with your clients or customers.
  • Less time spent building rapport.
  • Calls or meetings with new customers flow naturally.
  • Improve the first point of contact by conveying key information.
  • Less questions from new leads after viewing your video.
  • Happier clients who value your communication and service.

Example: A lifestyle company using frequency technology to increase the health benefits of water asked us to transform their sales deck into video format. Video is an incredible format to nail down your value proposition to potential investors. Watch the video below or see the entire case study here.

5. Automating Systems

  • Video for marketing automates sales and lead generation.
  • Video for hiring automates onboarding and training of new staff.
  • Video for communication automates cold outreach and prospecting.
  • Automation frees up valuable time to work on your business, not in it.

Example: Eteros Technologies came to us with innovative products wanting help improving their customers’ experience. We created a series of how-to videos around better use of the products, automating their sales and customer support.

6. Improving Customer Experience

  • A more enjoyable experience for your clients.
  • A more enjoyable experience for you and your business.
  • Increase in positive customer testimonials and feedback.
  • Increase in repeat business and referrals.

Example: A local realtor approached us to take over his industry with video. Omnipresent consistent video content on social platforms for a number of years consistently placed him in the top 1% of realtors in his marketplace. Watch the video below or see the entire case study here.

Final Thoughts

Producing videos is an opportunity to differentiate your business with automation, sales/lead generation and communication. If you’re thinking about implementing video for your business, you might as well do it right. We’d love the opportunity to learn about your business and goals for the future. 

Your Story Agency is results-driven video production company in Vancouver helping businesses around the world improve their marketing and communications with video.

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