How Much Does Video Production Cost?

Are you planning to produce a video for your business or personal use, but wondering how much it will cost? Video production costs can vary widely based on several factors such as the type of video, duration, complexity, and quality. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to video production costs, so you can budget effectively and avoid surprises.

As an agency, we’ve orchestrated productions globally for over $100,000 while other productions fall under $10,000.  Book a discovery call at your convenience where we’ll put together a solution that fits your goal, accompanied by an accurate investment cost.

Understanding Video Production Costs

Before we dive into the details of video production costs, let’s first understand the different stages involved in video production.


Pre-production is the planning and preparation stage that happens before the actual filming. It involves tasks such as scripting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, and equipment rental. Pre-production costs can vary widely based on the complexity of the project, but typically account for 10-20% of the total production cost.


Production is the actual filming stage where the video is shot. This involves the use of equipment such as cameras, lighting, microphones, and other production tools. Production costs can vary based on the number of shooting days, the crew size, and the complexity of the shoot.


Post-production is the stage where the video is edited, sound is mixed, special effects are added, and color grading is done. This is where the final product is created. Post-production costs can vary based on the complexity of the project, the length of the video, and the amount of editing required.

Factors Affecting Video Production Costs

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Now that we understand the different stages of video production, let’s look at the factors that can affect the cost of each stage.

Type of Video

The type of video you want to produce is one of the most significant factors that can impact the cost of video production. 

Here at Your Story Agency, we offer all of the following types of videos (costs included below):

  1. Company Brand Videos
  2. Fully Scripted Corporate Videos
  3. Client Testimonial Videos
  4. Case Study Videos
  5. Product Videos
  6. How-to Videos & Educational Videos
  7. Animated Videos
  8. Logo & Brand Animation Videos
  9. Social Media Promo Videos
  10. Green Screen Videos
  11. FAQ Videos
  12. CQO Videos
  13. Company Culture Videos


The length of the video is another factor that can impact production costs. Longer videos will require more filming and editing time, which can drive up the cost.


The complexity of the video is another factor that can impact the cost. For example, if your video involves multiple locations, actors, and special effects, it will cost more than a simple video shot in a single location.


The quality of the video also impacts the cost. Higher quality videos require more expensive equipment, experienced crew, and more time in post-production.

Average Video Production Costs

Now that we have a basic understanding of the factors that impact video production costs, let’s look at the average costs for different types of videos produced by our professional video production agency.

Company Brand Videos

A company brand video or as we typically call it, a “Video Business Card” is a foundational asset primarily for service-based businesses but can be applied to pretty much any industry. It is a 24/7 sales asset built to nurture and qualify website visitors toward your products and services. Packages can start as low as $10,000, but can climb up to around $15,000 based on the size of your company and the details of your project. Please reach out for a more detailed quote.

Fully Scripted Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are a powerful tool for businesses to communicate their brand message, showcase their products or services, and connect with their target audience. Fully scripted corporate videos typically require a lot more strategy and pre-production, requiring a bigger crew on-set and ultimately more post-production time. Packages typically start around $15,000 but can vary greatly depending on project logistics, timelines, and deliverables.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos are a powerful way to build trust and credibility with your audience. As a top video production company, we specialize in creating compelling client testimonial videos that showcase your satisfied customers and their positive experiences with your brand. Packages start as low as $6,000 for a package of three, or can be individually bundled on to other investments like a brand video or corporate video. B-roll and talking head options available.

Case Study Videos

Case study videos are a powerful way to showcase your brand’s success stories and demonstrate the impact of your products or services on real-world situations. With a focus on authenticity and storytelling, we ensure that every case study video we produce is unique and engaging. Videos can start as low as $7,500 and work their way up depending on video length and project logistics.

Product Videos

Product videos are a highly effective way to showcase the benefits and features of your product to potential customers. We specialize in creating engaging product videos that captivate viewers and drive sales. Whether you need a product demo video or a full-fledged promotional video, we’ve got you covered. Packages can start as low as $7,500.

How-to Videos & Educational Videos

How-to videos and educational videos are an effective way to provide your target market with valuable information, knowledge, and skills that will nurture and qualify them through your marketing and sales funnels. Price varies based on production quality and quantity, typically we recommend rolling a bundle of videos into a monthly retainer.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a versatile and engaging way to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a visually appealing and easily understandable way. Whether you need an explainer video, a product demo, or a promotional video, our team of expert animators can bring your vision to life. Packages start at $7,500.

Logo & Brand Animation Videos

Logo animation is a powerful way to bring your brand to life and create a memorable impression on your audience. Have a logo you need animated? We’ll custom design an animation that fits your brand guidelines. Alternatively, let us take all of your brand guidelines and create custom transitions, call to action cards, lower thirds titles, transitions, and more. Individual logo animations can be done as low as $1,500, although more complex ideas can range quite significantly in price.

Social Media Promo Videos

Social media promotional videos are a key component of any successful social media marketing strategy. Whether you need a short, attention-grabbing teaser or a longer, more informative video, we can help you create the perfect social media promotional video to suit your needs. Typically we’ll roll a number of deliverables into a monthly retainer package starting as low as $3,000. Typically retainers allow you to get the most bang for your buck!

Green Screen Videos

Green screen videos are a versatile and cost-effective way to create visually stunning videos with limitless creative possibilities. With a range of green screen backdrops our team of experts can create seamless and realistic video compositions that bring your vision to life. We can offer green screen recording sessions for as little as $3,500 with optional add ons.

FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are an effective way to address common questions and concerns that your audience may have about your products or services. They are also incredibly beneficial for SEO, as the transcripts are crawled by google and will help you rank higher in search results. Packages start as low as $5k for a bundle of five.

CQO Videos

CQO (Concerns, Questions, and Objections) videos are a powerful tool in overcoming potential buyer objections and pushing them towards making a purchase. CQO videos address customer concerns, and are strategically designed to save you time and generate more revenue. Packages come in around $7,500 for a bundle of five.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are a powerful way to showcase your brand’s values, mission, and personality to potential employees, clients, and investors. Authentic company culture videos will help you communicate your unique culture to your target audience. Our team of video experts can work with you to identify the most compelling aspects of your company culture and develop a creative and informative script that captures your brand’s personality and values. Whether you need a fun and playful video or a more serious and informative approach, we got you covered. Packages typically start at $10,000.


Video production costs can vary widely based on several factors such as the type of video, duration, complexity, and quality. It’s important to plan ahead and communicate your goals with your production team to avoid unexpected costs. By following the tips mentioned above, you can reduce video production costs without sacrificing quality.

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