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Getting Started

How much is it going to cost?

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Prices for video production can vary depending on a number of different variables. As an agency, we’ve orchestrated productions globally for over $100,000 while other productions fall under $10,000.  Book a discovery call at your convenience where we’ll put together a solution that fits your goal, accompanied by an accurate investment cost.

How do I get started?

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Every great video starts with a comprehensive strategy. We start with a discovery call to see if we can even help you based on what you’re currently doing in your marketing. If we’ve identified any gaps, we’ll invite you to talk further during an in-depth strategy call. You’ll leave this call with an actionable plan on how to fill those gaps and a clear next step to work with us.

Who am I in touch with throughout the process?

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We will always have a dedicated project manager from our team looking after the completion of your project. From the initial onboarding with our creative team through to final delivery of your video, you’ll have a direct point of contact to bounce ideas and questions off of and who will help make the process seamless.

I’m in “x” industry, have you produced videos like this before?

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Strategy, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution. The process for putting together engaging video content on today’s most popular platforms does not change based on the industry. Although we’ve produced videos in a wide variety of different industries – from SAAS, ecommerce, brick and mortar, service based businesses, crypto and many more – our team is fully capable of handling the requirements for your project.

What are the use-cases of video? Where do I use it?

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Great question. It’s really endless, but the overwhelming majority of clients come to us for marketing-focused videos. These are used on your website like the homepage, thank-you pages, landing pages, social media, and advertising. With viewers retaining 95% of your message with video compared to 16% with text, video can be used anywhere you want to get your message across.

I’ve produced videos before but they haven’t seen the results I’ve wanted

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The first and last steps in our production process are the answer. Strategy, reverse engineering the desired result for your video. And Distribution, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to get your new videos in front of your target audience. Lack of results will ALWAYS fall into one of these two categories. Either they were missed altogether or they weren’t executed properly.

How long does the whole process take?

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Although a standard process is used regardless of what type of video we’re producing, timeframes can range depending on a number of different variables. Client availability, external factors like weather, and the complexity of your production can all play a part. That being said, to actually give you some context, a typical local service based business like a real estate agent for example usually ranges from 3-4 weeks to a finished deliverable – again subject to the factors listed above.

I’m not great on camera, how do you help?

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We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to overcome camera ‘shyness’. During interviews we set it up like an everyday conversation, you’re good at those right? Second, we use teleprompters which allow you to focus on your tonality and just read off a screen. This means you don’t even have to think about what to say!

How involved do I have to be during the video process?

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As little or as much as you’d like. You’re coming to us as the experts in video, and that’s who we are. All we need from you is the goal of the video, who your audience is, and a bit of feedback when we’ve crafted your video assets. If you or your team needs to be on camera or on site, we take care of the planning, and you just show up.

“The videos on your site aren’t what I’m looking for”

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Every project is different, and we understand that. Although past clients have come to us because they want to have a similar look and feel from past work, that doesn’t mean we need to do the same for you. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and with a team like ours, anything is possible. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will get to work.


What makes your story different?

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Many things, but above all it’s our passion for what we do. This isn’t a transactional process for us. Take away all of the financial aspects behind what we do and you’ll find a team who is genuinely passionate about filmmaking and driving results for our clients. It’s in our hearts, and it translates through every action we take and in the words we speak. Hold us accountable to our values on our website to really understand what makes us stand out from the crowd.

How do I make my video stand out in my marketplace?

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Not a bad question, but an even better question to ask is “who is my customer?”. We don’t create videos to compete but to connect with your intended audience. We will only kick start our video production process once we know the intended outcome and that directly ties to knowing your audience inside and out. Once the audience is understood, your video is going to stand out to arguably the only person that matters when creating a video. Your target market.

I know I need video, but what types of videos do I need?

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All of it. Haha. Joking… but let’s look at it like this, there are “Evergreen Videos” and “Ongoing videos”. Evergreen videos are those you can leverage over and over again for years. These are the foundational assets which answer the who, what, where, why, and how for your business. They’ll be your higher-quality, cinema-quality videos. Then there is “Ongoing Content” which helps to keep your brand story relevant, fresh, and your message omnipresent. This content typically covers specific topics around events, products, audience interests, etc. Ongoing content can be easier to create, less production value and more focused on providing value to your audience. We recommend getting your “Evergreen Videos” produced by us, and then let us help devise a strategy for you and your team to produce quality ongoing content in-house.


What is a C.E.R.?

Video Transcription:

Context, Emotion, and Relevance. This is a unique process we developed to help pinpoint the messaging for your video. It gives our creative team potent information to build out your script and storyboard and get the process started. It’s the essence of every video we produce, and helps deliver a better end product.

What is a script?

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Think of a script as the foundation of your video that everything else is built on top of. It is the exact words that are being read and the tonality and emotion behind how they are read. The script is vital to tell an engaging story, and it also provides us with an accurate video length.

What is a storyboard?

Video Transcription:

The storyboard is simply the script merged with visuals. What is being visually shown during sections of the script to engage the viewer? How much time do we have during those sections to get our message across? This is a creative document where you will really start to see your video come to life.

What is a shot list?

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A shot list is the evolution of the storyboard and the script and provides an itemized list of shots we need to capture on shoot day to achieve our target objective. It provides our crew with technical details to plan in advance so everything goes smoothly, and allows us to move into the production schedule ensuring no important details are missed.

What is a production schedule?

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A shared document that allows us to plan out each shot from the shot list in detail and shoot everything in an efficient manner on shoot day. It’ll provide exact times, locations, and any props or actors that need to be available at those specific times – factoring in travel time, rest, and meals. This is the last step in our Pre-Production process before moving into Production.

How do we collaborate in Pre-Production?

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We use Google Drive for all of our file sharing. Meaning you’ll have access to all of our Pre-Production documents so that we can collaborate together to achieve the best result. Leaving comments is quick and easy, and has always resulted in an improved end result.


What gear do you shoot with?

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We shoot all of our projects on a cinema camera opposed to a traditional DSLR. Even if you’re not up to speed on the technicalities with camera gear, you’ll be able to notice a huge difference in the final quality of your videos. We own all of our own gear and have shot with Sony, RED, and Blackmagic to name a few.

Does your team also do photography?

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We do! Photography is generally a bolt on service we offer with our video production packages. That being said we have an in-house professional photographer who is completely capable of stand alone photo packages. You can check out more of our agency’s photography on our “Portfolio” page.

How many people are involved with the production process?

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Another question that depends on the complexity of your project. From our side, along with your project manager that will be with you from start to finish you’ll be in chats with mostly our Head of Growth, Creative Director, and Cinematographers, while our Video Editors, Copywriters, and Animators will be bringing your project to life behind the scenes. We’ll usually bring in actors depending on the needs of your project to be involved with the production.

I’m nervous to be on camera, what should I do?

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Completely normal. Teleprompters can drastically reduce on camera nerves if the project calls for it, while our strategy and Pre-Production process will work magic on reducing your nerves. Not to mention our team is incredibly personable, friendly, and will make the process a breeze from start to finish.


Do you do logo animations?

    Video Transcription:

    We do. Logo animations add a very polished look and feel to your evergreen videos, but are also a huge value add for ongoing social content as it requires little additional effort to include and goes a long way for establishing your brand online.

    Can you do custom animation & VFX?

    Video Transcription:

    Yes we can. Our portfolio of custom animation and VFX will give you a good idea of what our team is capable of. Having this ability dramatically expands our creative potential when it comes to creating a compelling narrative for your project.


    What should I do with my videos once they are produced?

    Video Transcription:

    Our knowledge and expertise doesn’t just stop with video production. We offer a wide variety of tools, templates, resources, and even additional online learning that will help you get the most out of your new assets. An effective strategy will include planned distribution, so this won’t be anything new when you reach that part of the process.

    What resources or templates do you have to help with distribution?

    Video Transcription:

    In addition to online training, templates, tools, and resources – our trusted partners offer a wide range of services from SEO, digital marketing, social media management, and web design to help you distribute your content. “Trusted” is a word we take very seriously, we only work with partners that match up with the values we’ve instilled in our agency and will still be very involved with you in that process.

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