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VTech approached us with a clear objective – to create a compelling, narrative-driven video campaign based around their new state of the art LeapFrog baby monitors. We regularly deal with clients who require us to create narratives from scratch (a task we embrace as passionate storytellers), however VTech already had the basis of the narrative established and wanted us to develop the project from there, driving the project forward creatively and logistically. 

VTech had previously attempted to create similar campaigns but had found that the videos lacked emotion, authenticity and a compelling narrative. After numerous calls with VTech’s global marketing teams to discuss creative strategy, we absorbed their creative direction and arrived at a solution that would deliver a video to create excitement and ignite action within their target market.


In order to engage the audience with a more emotionally driven narrative, we took VTech’s brief and created a story that shows a day in the life of a busy young family, demonstrating how the LeapFrog baby monitor could help this family ‘maintain the bonds that sustain us’, even through hustle and bustle of modern life. 

At Your Story we believe in carefully considering the context, emotion and relevance of every story to the audience. By identifying the contextual setting, what emotional points we want to hit and whether or not our story is relevant to our target audience, we can create compelling narratives that consistently drive engagement and sales.



In any production, pre-production is absolutely vital to ensuring the project is a success. For this project, pre-production involved multiple rounds of scripts and storyboards that were carefully refined in collaboration with the marketing team at VTech until we arrived at a point everyone was happy with. 


The production or ‘filming’ phase of this project involved one full day of filming on location and another half day in another location. For a project of this scale Your Story had a crew of five people on set;

  • Production Manager
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Stills Photographer

Our team are always happy to accommodate the client having a representative on set if they choose to do so. For this shoot VTech chose to send one of their North American marketing coordinators to ensure the various functions of the baby monitor were captured correctly. This became a fruitful creative collaboration on the day as we exchanged ideas and ensured we represented the product to its fullest potential.


Post Production

Throughout the post-production process we maintained a collaborative relationship with VTech, checking in regularly to update them of any editorial decisions that they needed to be aware of and to share some screen captures of the finished video as it came to life. 


The outcome of this project is a narrative driven video that showcases this product in an authentic, emotionally engaging way. VTech is currently deploying the video across Amazon and other major e-commerce platforms in full-length form, along with various 15-30 second cut-downs that can be utilized across social platforms.

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