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How do you wrap your head around purchasing digital collectibles? They aren’t real after all. With the word NFT or “non-fungible token” becoming quickly known around the globe, VeVe Digital Collectibles set out as an innovative leader in the industry. Producing NFT collectibles in partnership with globally recognized brands and bringing their favorite fandoms to life in augmented reality. The problem is people can’t quite grasp the idea behind spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to collect something that “doesn’t really exist”.


We partnered up with VeVe to produce a series of promotional videos that were used for promotional and marketing purposes as the brand first launched in early 2021, reaching millions of people around the globe. The videos showcase the collectibles in real life locations in their relative environments to highlight the impressive augmented reality tech VeVe has integrated into their platform. Bringing these collectibles to life through AR and showcasing that through video was an essential part of creating promotional hype around the emerging platform.


In partnership with brands like Marvel, DC Comics, Universal and more – we helped the team at VeVe with our promotional video content to generate over $40M in revenue in the first six months alone with little to no paid marketing. Catching the wave of the NFT hype and being an innovative leader with hundreds of acquired licenses when we came on board, provided us with a plethora of creative content to film and led to phenomenal success early on in the companies launch.
Do you run a business that requires promotional hype or content surrounding a product launch? Our team has worked with VeVe for months to develop engaging content that they can share across their organic and paid marketing channels to develop interest in their platform. Get in touch with us today.
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