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In 2018 Kevin Gordon achieved a goal that many ambitious kids dream of, purchasing a Lamborghini. But it’s what happened next that changed everything, he realized that there was far more fulfillment and happiness in sharing his car with others. That it was a vehicle for so much more than a material possesion could ever be. The joy from seeing kids faces light up as they went for a ride around the city sparked a vision for something that would go on to impact nearly a thousand kids facing heavy life challenges.


The Driven Project was born. The objective was simple: provide ‘supercar therapy’ by organizing police-escorted rides and parades packed with supercars for kids battling heavy life challenges. Providing the kids and their amazing families with once and a lifetime experiences to reflect on and to take a bit of the burden off of their shoulders for a day. Our involvement? Capture the smiling faces of these troopers and their families so they have lifelong memories that they can look back on for years to come.


The growth and impact of The Driven Project continues year after year. The events are fully escorted with the support of the Vancouver Police Department. For at least a day we get to take these special kids and their families away from the tough circumstances and challenges they are facing, and give them an adrenaline-filled temporary escape with memories they will cherish forever.

Nothing shows the raw emotion, the sentiment, the experience, the impact of what we’re creating then this video does. They are consomate professionals but are also incredibly relatable and they definitely know how to capture really special moments. They’ve been there since day one.


– Kevin Gordon

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