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Their campaigns were too product-focused with little to no story and the execution of the videos came across as cheesy and not authentic.


Utilizing the YSA Model, we merged product features with storytelling to engage the target viewer in a more compelling and authentic way.


VTech is the recognized global leader in electronic learning toys and cordless phones.

They approached us with a clear problem, they were tired of the bland look and feel of their current video strategy and were struggling to connect and differentiate themselves in the industry.

The idea was to create more compelling narratives based on their state-of-the-art LeapFrog and VTech baby monitors.

VTech had previously attempted to create similar campaigns but had found that the videos lacked emotion and authenticity.

After numerous calls with VTech’s global marketing teams to discuss creative strategy, we absorbed their ideas and arrived at a solution that would deliver videos that would create excitement around their product line, create an emotional connection with the brand, and spark action within their target market.


After an in-depth analysis of the target market and customer persona we were targeting, we crafted a handful of different storylines in parallel with their individual product lines that created an emotional connection with the viewer and the brand.

At Your Story Agency, we believe in carefully considering the context, emotion, and relevance of every story to the audience. By identifying the contextual setting, what emotional points we want to hit and whether or not our story is relevant to our target audience, we can create compelling narratives that consistently drive engagement and sales.



For all of our projects with VTech, pre-production involved multiple rounds of scripts and storyboards that were carefully refined in collaboration with the marketing team and global team including the CEO in Hong Kong, until we arrived at a point where everyone was happy. 


The production or ‘filming’ phase of our projects generally involves one or two full days of filming on location, although some of our larger campaigns have spanned the course of three to four days or more. Our team at Your Story Agency typically consists of about five crew members on set to bring these types of campaigns to life;

  • Production Manager
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Stills Photographer

Our team is always happy to accommodate the client having a representative on set if they choose to do so. For most of our shoots, VTech chose to send one of their North American marketing coordinators to ensure the various functions of the baby monitor were captured correctly. This became a fruitful creative collaboration as we continue to exchange ideas and ensure we are representing the products accurately.


Post Production

Throughout the post-production process, we have always maintained a collaborative relationship with VTech, checking in regularly to update them on any editorial decisions that they need to be aware of and to share some screen captures of the finished video as it begins to come to life. 


As you’ll see below, the before and after are night and day. Their old campaigns strived to achieve a similar result but came across as cheesy, too product-focused, and didn’t utilize the formula that we preach here at YSA. VTech is currently deploying the majority of our campaigns across a multitude of platforms such as Amazon, in displays at Walmart locations throughout North America, and other major e-commerce platforms in full-length form, along with various 15-30 second cut-downs that can be utilized across social platforms.

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The team behind YSA is exceptional! Braeden and Colin lead with professionalism and take the time to truly understand the needs of their clients. I was thoroughly impressed with how seamless the entire process was from pre-production to post-production. They definitely went above and beyond which is something I’m truly grateful for. They work very hard to deliver 100% satisfaction and are very talented in helping to tell a brand story by incorporating moments and details that matter most.


– Gagan Sidhu, Marketing Communications Manager

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