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As a custom manufacturer of high-end cannabis processing equipment, Eteros Technologies needed an active video production partner to help produce assets that would nurture and qualify their potential prospects through their sales funnel.

Although they had some previous use of video, their multiple subsidiaries and endless lists of products meant that there was a vast amount of potential yet to be tapped into within their video marketing strategy.


Utilizing our proprietary approach to full-funnel video marketing, we worked off of this graphic to begin tackling top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel video assets along with photography:

    Establishing Brand Identity & Target Market

    Mobius, their high-end equipment targeted towards larger production-based facilities required a premium look and feel. In line with the redevelopment of their entire website, our videos were produced to fit seamlessly into specific web pages throughout their new site.

    While their Triminator brand was more catered to local or home grows and had a more rugged feel overall. Same approach, brand new redevelopment of their website with integrated video content throughout a wide variety of landing pages.

    Video Production – Top of Funnel

    Because of the sheer number of assets that needed to be produced, we locked in a year partnership with Eteros to help them build out their video marketing strategy. This resulted in an affordable solution for them, and the ability for us to really get deep on target audiences and refine the content.

    Starting out with top-of-funnel assets like this one that gives an overview of the various products and problems typically shared within the industry:

    Video Production – Middle of Funnel

    This is where we had the most work to do, with the full website overhauls and numerous new products in development and launch phases there was a multitude of product-specific video assets to create.

    A mix of feature-based product intro videos and educational how-to content allowed for a wide variety of videos that potential buyers could consume before and even after purchase. Keeping them informed and engaged with the brand. 

    Video Production – Bottom of Funnel

    We continue to work alongside Eteros with our next focus being bottom-of-funnel content, specifically, CQO (Concerns, Questions, and Objections) videos that their sales staff can utilize in pre and post-call follow-up to answer common objections before they arise.


    A comprehensive website with strategized high-leverage video content being integrated into all stages of their marketing and sales funnel. Not only did this increase the LTV of previous customers but also attracted new clients and customers that were captivated by the visual content that we produced.

    Product-specific landing pages have general overview videos of the benefits and features of each product, while the back-end user manuals and educational content contain how-to videos for cleaning, installation, and maintenance.

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