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As a local service based business, how do you differentiate yourself in such a competitive market with dozens of alternatives to choose from? How do you capture someones attention while they are watching Sunday night football? The client came to us wondering how to merge their used car dealership, a 30ft robotic dinosaur, and football all into one ad.


We crafted a short, punchy script that would call out traditional used car dealerships and establish A1 Auto as the go-to leader in local used car sales. The 30ft dinosaur, fog machine, stunt actors, and extensive prop list came together to make this video memorable and fun.


The commercial played on the CTV NFL Network spanning multiple NFL games over the course of the season, broadening A1 Auto’s presence in the local marketplace. Along with the 30s commercial, we created 15s cut downs to capture attention of viewers who typically lose interest after the initial 10-15s of an advertisement. The voiceover, music, and visuals go together to create an engaging high-paced commercial that sticks in the mind after multiple impressions.

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